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Integrated Payment Solution

Integrating Paytrx is easy, the solution provides clients with the opportunity to receive payments on their websites with ease whithin a well secured platform without any hassle.

Easy to Integrate

You do not need to know programming to set up Paetrix on your website or Application, just a few clicks and you are done in a few minutes.

Equipped with the right toolkits

From medium to large businesses, we offer a variety of toolkits, APIs, and codes to ensure seamless transactions and keep your business on course.

Why Paytrx

Paytrx is reliable with a dedicated support team ready to assist you, the solution allows your business to capture new markets and securely accept online payments across Africa.

Free to Set Up

We get you started at zero cost and make sure you start getting paid immediately in a seamless method just by following a few set up steps.

Dependable Support

We accept you as our partner and provide you with tech support and other evolving solutions your business will need to make profits.

Features that matter

Paytrx has all the necessary features and application tools to make your business payment transactions run smoothly. Our team of developers work hard innovating modern features to make payment collection even easier.

Zero Cost Set Up

No fees required to set up an account with us.

Seamless Integration

In few minutes and clicks, paytrx is plugged in.


PCI/DSS Compliant with 3D Secure transactions.

Recurring Billing

Manage subscriptions & other repeatable payments.

User Friendly

Get to do business within a friendly payment interface.


Get payments from your clients in multiple currencies.


View detailed records of your business transactions.

Next Day Payouts

Automated to credits your bank account next day.

Our Clients

With clients across Africa, Paytrx is the must-have international payment gateway resource for any business involved in online cash transactions.

Join the wagon

We are ready to handle payments for you



Get to know more about Paytrix by browsing our links, should you want to talk to our team, then give us a call.

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