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Various Channels

We've taken up all the burdens and made the process easy so that you can start accepting payment instantly across various channels.

Card Payments

Accept card payments from mastercards, verve and visa debit cards.

Bank Accounts

Your customers can also pay you directly from their bank accounts.


Receive payments on the go from your customers with quick codes.

Paytrx X (Soon)

Another better way for you to receive payments swiftly from your customers.

Multicurrency Support

With Paytrx you can receive payments from your customers in multiple currencies, so this way your international customers can pay in the currency they know best.

Customized Payment Pages

With no programming knowledge nor coding required, you can accept payments from your customers for your products or services with our customised payment pages.

Receive one time or recurring payments

Set fixed or variable payment amounts

Collect more extra information as you need

Create unique links using custom URLs

Optional customized message or redirect after payment

Business Platforms

Do you manage a platform of sellers and you wish to pay them automatically with a set percentage? Then no worries Paytrx as provision for that.


Create seller accounts as subaccounts using an API or your Paytrx dashboard.


As you create a subaccount, you can set a percentage of the money they get.

Percentage or Fixed

It is also possible to reverse a fixed percentage amount to a set split amount.

Automatic Payouts

After payments, Paytrx automatically pays you & the other seller(s) what is due.

We are ready to handle payments for you



Get to know more about Paytrix by browsing our links, should you want to talk to our team, then give us a call.