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Mini Transactions

The ₦50 charge fee is waived for transactions below ₦2500.

Local card charge fee caps

Charges on local transactions are capped at ₦2000, that is you won't pay more than that for such transactions.


Mini Transactions

The ₦100 charge fee is waived for transactions below ₦2500.

International charge fee caps

Charges on International cards are equivalent to that of local cards and settled the same way.

In the bundle

Our transparent transaction charge fees come bundled with our core tech stack and great support! No hidden fees.


Accept payments easily from multiple channels. Paytrx provides your business with numerous platforms to earn money for your products, services, campaigns and even subscriptions without you writing a single line of code.

Process Integration

Paytrx is very flexible and comes with tailored solutions to suit and easily integrate with your business model. We accommodate small and big businesses and provide easy to pay platform for their clients.

API Collection & Libraries

We've got developers in mind, either advanced or just beginners, integrating paytrx is simplified. We have provided rich tools and libraries to facilitate the integration, and our developers will keep innovating to add more.

Fast Settlement

Paytrx does not tie up your cash, your earnings are transferred to your bank account on a 1-day and 2-day rolling basis for local and international transactions respectively. No extra charge for failed transactions.

Real-time Reports

We provide your business with a real-time dashboard to monitor all your transactions in simple data presentation views. You can filter to specific actions and can also export all your data for offline record puporses.

Invoicing & Payouts

Paytrix gives you the ease and control to payout money from your business dashboard to any bank account in Nigeria. You can also generate and send invoices to your clients then send reminders for them to pay in the near future.

Volume Discounts

We consider your cash flow over a period of time and our dedicated sales team is always ready to discuss your business volume and provide you with the best rate you can't get anywhere else in the market except from us.

Fraud Protection

Paytrx cares about your business and fraud prevention is our dominant concern. Our developers constantly work to monitor threats and deploy up to date security standards so your customers can trust your transactions on your website.

We are ready to handle payments for you



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