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Recurring Billing

Recurring payments enable you to upload a periodic batch file with variable amounts to be debited off your client's card. This is most commonly used in industry verticals such as insurance, telecoms, media, clubs, gyms and bill payment for the collection of services rendered.

Key Features

Upload all payments via a single batch

Batch submission results can be downloaded

Integrated tokenisation system

Files can be submitted and received via CSV or XML

View historical transactional information

Key Benefits

Paytrx makes recurring payments easy for your business, it is convenient, very flexible, secured and packed with lots of benefits.

Card storage not required

All needed and allowed card information is stored by secure Paytrx systems.

Ultimate Flexibility

Easy to implement automatic billing that saves you the stress of sending invoices.

Control Over Transactions

Get paid with ease & monitor detailed transactions of your sales from your dashboard.

PCI Compliant

The process is safe so your customers have no worries paying with their cards.

For Instance

Rescue Technologies Limited (RTL) is a technology and business solutions company that provides emergency medical and security response services through its product (EMRO), with paytrx recurrent billing system, the firm accepts subscription payments from its clienst on monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis with maximum efficiency.


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